Vince's Place — Addiction Services

Vince’s Place is licensed by the State of New Jersey, Division of Mental Health & Addiction Services, provides residential addiction treatment to homeless, indigent clients and those with specific legal issues.

A full array of services are offered including group and individual counseling, medical evaluation and referral, educational and vocational assistance, meals and transportation.

Vince’s Place has three special units Long-term, Halfway House, and Extended Care.

For admission or referral information contact or (609) 815-2062.

Vince’s Place has three special units:

  • Long-term: a 180-day residential addiction treatment program that receives referrals from three main sources:
    • General: "walk-in" clients referred from the Emergency Shelter, other providers and self-referrals
    • Drug Court Initiative: individuals referred by various Drug Court vicinages who are sentenced to a treatment program plus other court stipulations in lieu of prison time
    • Mutual Agreement Program: referrals from the State Parole Board and Department of Corrections of clients leaving state prison who undergo substance abuse treatment prior to their return to the community

  • Halfway House for individuals who need time to transition into treatment or out of treatment with focus on obtaining life skills and employment.

  • Extended Care: for individuals who have been or are expected to be in residence for over one year

For admission or referrals contact:
Email: Manager of Social Services or
Telephone: (609) 815-2062.




98 Carroll Street, P.O. Box 790 * Trenton, NJ 08605-0790